Thumper Double IPA (Kinnegar)

At the slightest hint of a blue sky, we hit the beach and what better way to enjoy the sights & sounds of West Strand than to have a can with lunch?

This is the Thumper Double IPA by Donegal based brewers Kinnegar. It comes in a 440ml can and clocks in at 7.8% ABV.

No tasting glass today so we’re skipping the pour bit and going straight to the sniffter.

On the nose, there’s malts, citrus fruits with a bit of passion fruit & mango present and a whaft of sweetness that you’d get with honey.

The taste brings more of the same and a sort of dank booziness which makes you realise it’s a 7.8% number.

There’s a little spice in the taste that makes for an interesting sip along with pine notes.

The body on this is medium with a light carbonation and there’s a nice balance of juiciness and heft to keep your tastebuds excited til the end of the can

It’s a cracking can to sip on whilst looking out over the sea for sure!

I’ve enjoyed this and would recommend checking it out, absolutely cracking tipple.

I’d rate this 3.9 Thumpybois out of 5



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