Beerocca Orange Flavour Multi-Vitamin IPA (Tiny Rebel)

Beerocca by Tiny Rebel & Berocca

Well… How’s the form?
It’s great to finally be back writing some words about beers after a bit of a hiatus due to adulting. The podcast will be making a return very soon as well thanks to finally having an internet connection in the gaff that can at least play gifs without buffering…

But ANYWAY… Beer? Today, I’m checking out the Beerocca Orange flavour multi-vitamin IPA which is a collab brew from Tiny Rebel and Berocca.

I like Tiny Rebel in the evening and Berocca for the morning after but what would happen if these worlds collided? Let’s find out!

This brew clocks in at 5.8% and comes in a 440ml can so if this doesn’t get you moving in the morning, nothing will. I crack the can and pour it into the little glass in arguably one of the best locations to enjoy a drink, The Sunflower Pub in Belfast.

The colour and consistency of the brew already looks like a Berocca but obviously it’s missing the sound and residue of the tablet aggressively fizzing away on top. Which is great cos it would give me Vietnam style flashbacks of some of the worst hangs of my drinking career.

On the nose, there’s that familiar orangey, tangerine Berocca aroma with malts, a bit of pine and some more citrus notes such as lemon and hints of lime.

The taste brings more of the same, really leaning on the flavours of a Berocca while adding some grapefruit flavours that linger and hang out for a while. There’s a sweetness to this brew and a crispness in the flavourings that makes it interesting to drink.

The mouthfeel here really captures the essence of a Berocca as well, there’s a bit of a dryness to this beer that feels like that powdery quality present in the original multivitamin drink.

It’s light to medium bodied and the carbonation is pretty mellow on this, making it even more like its namesake.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this and didn’t expect to. Beerocca should have been a gimmick, it doesn’t need to be enjoyable but it is.

If you’ve had a Berocca before, just imagine that with a percentage but drinkable and a beer to get you moving again. Calling it now, this is the perfect can for day 2 of a festival or wedding.

Obviously, drink aware and drink safely. But for times where you stray from the path and need a helping hand, Beerocca will be there for you.

I’d rate this 4.1 Vitaminy-bois out of 5



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