Tropical Sour (Vault City Brewing)

Happy Monday, today we’re checking out a sour beer by Vault City brewing, based in Edinburgh.

This is the Tropical Sour by Vault City brewing which clocks in at 5.2% and comes in 330ml bottle form.

The lid is cracked and the bottle emptied into the tasting glass to reveal a cloudy amber hazy beer with a thick white head.

On the nose, I’m getting pineapple, orange peel, passionfruit, mango and nice clean sweet notes coming out of the glass.

The taste brings more of the same flavours as the aromas above with a sort of subtle sourness instead of being really overpowering as some sours are.

This is a solid sipper, it’s not too challenging and there’s a nice tart to the beer which makes it proper pleasant. There’s a smooth medium body to this as well.

Actually, the taste is really familiar and I was almost at the bottom of the glass before I placed what it was – I think it tastes like the old Five Alive Citrus Burst drink from back in the day. I absolutely loved that stuff!

All in all, I had a grand old time with the Tropical Sour from Vault City brewing and I’d happily have it again – especially on a really hot day.

I’d give this 3.8 Citrusybois out of 5



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