Double Cream Milk Stout (Cassels)

Today, we’re checking out the Double Cream Milk Stout by Cassels Brewery from New Zealand.

This brew comes in a 330ml bottle and clocks in at 8.1% which makes me think it’ll be more along the lines of an imperial stout.

I’ve heard great things from pals about Cassels so let’s dive right in!

I poured it into the tasting glass to reveal a deep dark black (or really, really, really dark blue) colour with a thin white head that disappeared quite quickly.

On the nose, there’s dark chocolate, malts, a bit of coffee and a healthy whack of biscuits & toffee notes to get the taste buds excited.

The taste brings more of the same with a smooth, medium body. There’s a creaminess to the texture which makes for a pleasant tipple and there’s a light bitterness in the aftertaste.

This brew drinks fantastically and it appears the fawning over Cassels from anyone who has tried their beers is well justified.

I’d give this 3.8 milkybois out of 5


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