Hallion Red Ale (Whitewater)

Howdy! Today, we’re checking out a pint of Hallion Red Ale by the ever solid Whitewater brewery from up in the Mourne Mountains.

Hallion (noun.) A loud, ill-educated person, given to prolonged rants about subjects he or she knows little about.

I’m checking out Hallion red on draft today but you can also pick up cans of this in all good craft beer off licences.

It’s a red ale, clocks in at 4.2% ABV and as you can see, is a gorgeous ruby red with a medium off white coloured head.

On the nose, you’re hit right away with the roast barley notes, caramel, biscuits and malts.

The taste brings more of the same with that classic red ale hoppiness shining through. I’m digging the sort of earthy, grassy hints coming through the in the flavour as well.

There’s a toffee sweetness to this brew and a medium body which makes it a great sipper, perfect for an afternoon of gossip and enjoying the company in the pub.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this tipple. There’s a light bitterness in the aftertaste that keeps the tastebuds interested between sips and I ended up staying for another pint of it.

I’d give this 3.7 reddybois out of 5


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