Florida Weisse (Thornbridge Brewing)

Today’s tipple is the Florida Weisse Hazy Raspberry Sour beer by Thornbridge brewing. As you can see in the photo above, it comes in a 330ml can and rounds out at 4.5%. I cracked open the can and was immediately greeted with tangy, sour fruity taste as one would expect from this style of bevvy. My initial thought was ‘what the heck have I gotten myself into here?’ but once the first taste settled, I was left with a lovely raspberry flavour that sort of lingered and turned out quite pleasant. Then, as I kept drinking, I actually started to enjoy the brew as I got used to the sour nature of the thing. It took me by surprise as I wouldn’t really be a wile fan of beers that taste too sour but maybe this could be a nice entry into that world. At the end of the can, I found myself looking back fondly on it and I’d definitely grab another, maybe not today but definitely some time. If I were to recommend a sour to start on, I’d say this would be one of them. It’s a bit of a challenge at the start but stick with it and it’ll do ye right! 3.2 sourbakes out of 5 – it’s berry nice in the end! G’luck, Seán cansacrosstheworld.com http://thornbridgebrewery.co.uk

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