CATW PODCAST Episode 2 – Spitting Llama (Hillstown)

The 2nd podcast has landed and is available for your listening pleasure! I’ll be honest – I’m jealous of you guys.

We had a blast recording this one and we both feel we’re getting closer to the podcast we set out to make. Witty, informative, intellectual…… sophistamicated…..

Big thankyou to you chaps, chapesses and persons of non chap – without you we would just be 2 lads sitting on the floor of a studio, drinking beer and screaming into the void!

So without further ado…

Musical spotlight : Mosmo Strange

Mosmo Strange is a 4 piece band from Northern Ireland. What began as a songwriting project for founding members Gavin Scott and Nolan Donnelly, came to life with the addition of Eamonn Doherty (bass) and Conor Bradley (drums) last summer. Wary of genres and labels, Mosmo aim to make you dance with their own brand of indifferent rock.

Lots of love, ya bois Stu and Sean xoxo


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