Dirty Pilsner (Vocation)

Next up, we checked out the Dirty Pilsner 330ml can from Vocation Brewery. It’s a 6.5% craft lager and to be honest, you can’t tell that it’s a high percentage lager from the taste. Once you crack the can for your first sip, you’re instantly hit with a zesty, delicious orange fruity flavour. As I was saying about the percentage, this beer drinks so smoothly and light, you could be forgiven for confusing it with a regular session IPA, such is its pleasantness. As I drink deeper into the can, I’m surprised at how un-hazy it is, it’s so smooth and I’d struggle to think of this as a pilsner. I found myself getting a bit sad at the end of the can as there was none left and it was just an absolute pleasure to be drinking. I found myself savouring every drop and I didn’t want it to end. So yeah, we definitely recommend picking up one of these lovely cans. I’ll definitely be checking out more from Vocation brewery as this brew has set the bar really high for future tastings. 4.3 Christina Aguilera Dirrrrties out of 5 G’luck, Seán http://www.vocationbrewery.com We even included this one in our Summer Brews Top 5! cansacrosstheworld.com

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