Juice Willis Tropical DIPA (ABC)

Happy Wednesday! We’re back indoors today as the heavens have opened and it’s muggy out.

Why not put the feet up and enjoy a crafty can eh? Hoppy Ki Yay Motherjuicers!

This is the Juice Willis Tropical DIPA from ABC Brewing which is based in Manchester.

The brew clocks in at 8% ABV and comes in a 330ml can.

I poured it into the tasting glass to reveal a hazy deep orange colour with a white head, almost as if it were an orange carbonated juice drink.

On the nose, I’m hit straight away with mango, papaya, pineapple and tropical juice notes.

The taste brings all of these aromas together in a big burst that lingers well into your next sip. It’s got a medium body and a juicy mouthfeel with a moderate carbonation.

I’ve really enjoyed this can and I could have done with it being a 440ml offering or even if I could find this on draft somewhere, that’d be great!

I’d give this 3.8 Bruceybois out of 5



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