Gettin’ Tiki With It – Pina Colada Wheat (Left Hand Brewing Co.)

Happy Monday! We’re going big walkies today and of course, you need a little break when doing so and what better way to relax than to check out a tasty can.

This is the Gettin’ Tiki With It Piña Colada wheat ale from Colorado based legends Left Hand Brewing Co.

This brew comes in a 440ml can and clocks in at 7.5% ABV with an IBU of 15.

Now, you may have seen the word ‘NITRO’ printed in large friendly letters on the side of the can and wondered what this is all about.

Nitro is a reference to the type of gas used in the carbonation process. It means the difference between the creamier nitrogen beers (N2) and their lively, prickly CO2 counterparts. A typical nitrogenated beer contains about 70 percent nitrogen and 30 percent carbon dioxide.

Basically, when you crack open that ring pull, you’ll hear a big hiss which is the nitrogen escaping to form a big head on your beer. It works particularly well with canned stouts alongside the widget inside the can – team work makes the dream work!

So… Beer? I crack the can to the super exciting hiss of the nitro escaping and head in for a sniffter.

On the nose, I’m hit with the classic piña colada aromas of coconut and pineapple right away with a clean cut sweetness that gets the tastebuds excited.

The taste is an immediate explosion of coconut, pineapple, wheat and a hint of bitter lemon present as well. The carbonation is quite smooth on this too which makes it lean more on the side of a cocktail which is a nice little aside.

There’s a nice medium body to this brew and the creamy head gives it the mouthfeel of a real cocktail as opposed to just a beer, pretty damn fantastic and refreshing, I have to say.

I’ve enjoyed this beer and could have easily had another – definitely check it out!

I’d give this 4 Tikibois out of 5



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