Lost Lager Pilsner (Brewdog)

Today’s brew is the Lost Lager Pilsner by old reliable Brewdog. In January, Brewdog were giving away a free 4 pack to anyone living in the UK but unfortunately when we tried to grab a pack, the pack was free but the shipping cost to Belfast came up as £18 thanks to Brexit (the less said about the Brexit, the better) so we grabbed this can from our local can shop instead.

Beer makes everything better, right? So let’s get into it.
This can comes in 330ml form and has a 4.7% ABV.

I pour the brew to reveal a clear, straw amber sort of colour with a generous head that clings to the side of the glass as I tilt it side to side.

On the nose, there’s a light grass and spice aroma coming through here with malts.

I head in for the taste, it is quite light in body and very refreshing. The carbonation is quite light so the beer is refreshing and I’m enjoying the citrus flavours here that go well with the malt taste.

Overall, this is a steady lager and I would say it’s very accessible if you were to introduce a friend to craft beer for the first time to get away from the bigger brand lagers available on pub taps.

This beer has the traditional lager flavours with enough fruity notes to make it a bit different and a nice gateway into the craft world for folks that might not have tried any craft before.

I’d give this 3.4 Lostbois out of 5


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