Odis Dry Irish Stout (O’Connor Brewing Co.)

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of stout and hopefully today’s bottle won’t disappoint. This is ODIS Dry Irish Stout from O’Connor brewing co. It comes in the form of a 330ml bottle, is 6.5% ABV and has 55 IBUs.

It has to be said, I love the simple and honest looking bottle design with the happy aul fella with a flat cap enjoying a delicious pint of the black stuff.

I pour it into my tasting glass and let it settle without getting lashed straight in as I’m not a savage. Remember kids, stouts are drinks for when you want to sit, sip and have a relaxed time. I notice that it’s a traditional black colour with a tiny dark brown head that goes away pretty quickly. You’d not really find a head lingering that doesn’t get poured from draft to be fair.

On the nose, there’s an aroma of roasted chocolate coffee with a fine malt smell emanating from the glass. To taste, it’s full bodied and really coats your mouth to give you a full story of flavour. On the tongue, there’s a light carbonation, chocolate, coffee, cream, oak flavouring and the whole experience is very smooth.

Obviously, when we think of stout, we think of the one big brand name stout that Ireland is famous for and you think THAT pint is quite heavy and filling. However, O’Connor brewing has done something here. They’ve managed to capture that classic stout flavour and pleasantness without giving the full stomach feeling that a G******S gives you and I love it for that.

I’d give this 4 stoutmen out of 5



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