The Full Boar (Hillstown Brewery)

As we were saying on the podcast, we’re big fans of Hillstown brewery’s beers and have tried out quite a few of them so far. But up next is The Full Boar Crew Brut IPA which comes in a 500ml bottle and at 6.2%, you’ll want to take your time with this or it’ll be an early night for you! With the word ‘Brut’ appearing on the label, I’m thinking that this could go the way of champagne or that weird smelling BO spray that comes in a green can that was nearly always a stocking filler growing up. IT DOESN’T SMELL GOOD PEOPLE.
ANYWAY – Let’s get tucked into this thing. I crack open the bottle and immediately, I’m relieved that it smells nothing like brut the spray. The taste is very full and it’s pleasant for sure but I’m wondering if it would taste better on draught instead of in the bottle. It’s hard to describe but I can imagine this being served super chilled on draught and it tasting far nicer, as if that’s the setting that this brew should be enjoyed in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and all but I think this is a beer that doesn’t really sit well in a bottle. Maybe it’s because of the full flavour that I’d prefer it on draught. That’s not a fault of the brew, it’s just personal preference I think. It tastes warm, even though it came from the off sales fridge, straight to my fridge where it sat for a few hours before tasting.
That being said, I do enjoy it but as I was saying, I don’t think I’ve experienced this beer to the fullest of its potential at this stage and I’m keen to find out where I can get it on tap (if you see it, please drop us a mail cos we’d love to check it out). It’s a lovely tasting beer but it just hit off the rim of the basket for me, we’re almost there but just not yet.

3.2 free throws out of 5



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