Charlie Don’t Surf (ABC Brewing)

Any can with an ‘Apocalypse Now’ reference will immediately jump off the shelf and straight into our baskets, Stu and I are massive nerds that way so we’re easy won over with the branding alone. But in fairness, this can could have had any text on it and we’d still have noticed as it’s just so pleasing to look at with its wee colourful ways.
We’re all about the cans here on this site so let’s get right into the heart of this thing, shall we? Crack goes the ring pull and the first sip has been had. It’s so fruity and light which are staple qualities of the session IPA type brews. I got a taste of pineapple from this and again, it’ll be perfect for summer days on the beach, just sipping away with some good tunes on and watching the waves roll by (you can be sure Charlie will not be surfing the waves). The beer has a slight bitter taste throughout and a lingering bitter after taste once you’re done sipping. It’s not an unpleasant bitterness though, but rather one you can sit and appreciate until you go in for the next sip whilst you ponder why the hell you’re still in Saigon.
Sessionability wise, pick up a few of these and you’re good for an afternoon of Viet-craic. At a healthy 4%, you could get away with sipping on these whilst you’re waiting on that BBQ heating up and still be in the sound state of mind required to be a top notch chef.

4 out of 5 Napalms in the morning, would strike again.



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