Camden Hols (Camden Town Brewery)

As you can see in the photo, I have paired Camden Hols with home made banana bread and it surprisingly works well. The sweet taste of the banana bread compliments the slight bitterness of the Hols lager. The lager itself touts itself as being tropical and that makes sense when you’re drinking it, it’s very fruity with tastes of pineapple, honey and aye, tropical goodness. It pours a light gold colour with a lovely light head and has an ABV of 5.2%, with the bitterness resting at an IBU of 40.
In fairness, I’ve had quite a few beers from Camden now and they’ve all been great. Although, I’ve mostly drank them on draught in Camden Town itself when over for gigs or just trooping about being a tourist. Which gets me thinking, this would be a great brew for sitting down at Camden Lock, taps aff with a burger in hand, enjoying the sun & doing a spot of people watching by the canal on a Sunday’s afternoon.
It’s a pleasant tasting can and I’d happily drink a few of these. It’d be a great tin to drink on a plane over to where ever you’re off on holiday to, where you’ll spend your days drinking whatever the local ‘hing is but this delicious bevvy would set you up nicely for the trip ahead. It’s light and the carbonation is an absolute party within itself, keeps things interesting when you’re drinking. To sum up, definitely grab a few of these on a warm day as they’re going down super smoothly with that crack of sunlight that’s coming through the clouds right now. A delicious summer tipple.

4 sunnybois out of 5



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