Life and Death (Vocation Brewing)

Before even cracking the can, I did the usual scan of the can’s barcode into the Untappd app and realise that I’ve already had this beer but really can’t distinguish between it and any other black beer can on a supermarket shelf. It actually makes me think back to the conversation we had at the tasting group the other night and one of the topics being how important is the design on the tin. We were all in agreement in saying that the black tins with minimal writing are a wee bit hard to get excited about when you’re out shopping for a brew. Like if you’re looking at a shelf with these colourful, exciting designed cans, it looks like the brewery is proud and wants to sort of yell ‘HEY, THIS TASTES AMAZING, GRAB ONE’ but a black tin sort of has that Ross Gellar ‘hi’ about it. You know the one, is he greeting me? Is he genuinely sad? Probably both. Anyway, let’s crack this thing and see how we fare. Upon opening, it smells very fruity, like you would get from the likes of Juicebox IPA or something like that. It’s pleasing, considering I’m just back from a cycle and probably don’t smell the best. I dive in for a first sip and it’s great to be fair, I know I rambled on a bit about the black being a bit grim but maybe that’s the deal here, sort of a quiet pride/less is more sort of thing. You can always rely on Vocation to bring the thunder anyway as anything we’ve tried from them has been nothing short of excellent. Session-ability wise, you’d want to watch yourself if you’re gonna have more than 2 of these on a night out as they’re 6.5% and even though they’re 330ml cans, it all adds up. This is such a tasty brew and just goes down so well, especially when you’re really thirsty. It’s really like a boozy hoppy juice that you just can’t wait to have more of. So, be warned if you’re gonna try these out on that 1 day of summer we’re guaranteed to have in Ireland. Just have a few and move on to the weaker beers if you’re out for a BBQ or whatever. Lastly, where would a Cans Across The World write up be without a rating? I really enjoyed this, Vocation have given us another tasty, easily drank beer and as always, I can’t wait to try more from them. 4.2 Unagi’s out of 5 G’luck, Seán

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