Salted Caramel Porter (Maritime / Meantime Brewing Co)

Meantime Brewing Co – Salted Caramel Porter

With this brew, we’re steering back to what we know and love… CANS!

This crispy porter comes from Meantime Brewing Co in Greenwich. As with any brew I try out, I look for the appropriate music choice. So I think, what artists came out of Greenwich? My search ended up at drummer Mitch Mitchell who was born in Greenwich in 1946. Interestingly enough, he got the job as Sticksman for Jimi Hendrix in 1966 after edging out Aynsley Dunbar in a coin toss. So naturally, the choice of record is Electric Ladyland which features the gorgeous 15minute epic ‘Voodoo Chile’, straight after ‘Crosstown Traffic’.

Anyway, the porter itself almost appeals to my sweet tooth with its salted caramel edge. However, there’s a fizz about it which makes it not as smooth and sweet as I’d like it to be. It’s a pleasant swill and all but it just hits off the rim of the basket for me.

3/5 – This Chile might make a slight return


– Seán

You can read more on this brew HERE :


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