#NoCraicNovember : Smashed Citrus Beer 0% (Drynks Unlimited)

It’s day 4 of the annual Cans Across The World ‘No Craic November’ charity effort where we raise money for a chosen charity every year by giving up alcohol for 1 month.

This year, the chosen charity is Metal For Life who are an incredible mental health charity, you can donate directly to them on their Web Site https://www.metalforlifeni.co.uk/ or at their Pay Pal link here: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3768593

BUT ANYWAY! The show doth go on and the glass doth be full. Today, we have the alcohol free Smashed Citrus beer by Drynks Unlimited.

Massive thanks to the good people at Drynks Unlimited for supplying us with a few cans to support us during our alcohol abstention. They have kindly sent us some alcohol free beers along with kind words of support so check them out at https://www.drynks.co.uk/ where you can check out their full range of products.

So… Non-alco beer? This brew clocks in at 0% ABV and I crack the 330ml boi tin to pour into the tasting glass. Straight away I notice that it has a traditional lager golden amber haze to it and there’s even a sizeable head as if you’ve poured a regular lager. Actually, everything about this so far screams real beer, you could be fooled into thinking this is the real deal by sight.

On the nose, again you could be forgiven for thinking this is a straight up craft lager as there’s a strong citrus, hops, barley and malty aroma coming out of the glass there.

I head in for a sip and I’m hit with an overpowering citrus and lemon flavour that made my face kinda screw up like I had some sherbet (sheeeeerrbeeeettt?). I noticed a light carbonation about it and the body is super light too so it’s easily drank.

I head in for the second sip and my taste buds have warmed up to this now so I can actually have a look at it properly. On the second go, after I settle into it, it’s actually super refreshing and thirst quenching. There’s that same explosion of flavour from the initial taste coming through but this time, it’s less invasive and more pleasant.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this and I’ll happily have more of these. I think the greatest challenge when abstaining from the booze is that the non-alcoholic stuff tends to be crap tasting water in a bottle or a can, without holding any real flavour.

Which makes it pointless really, why bother creating a non-alcohol product and selling it in bars at almost the same cost as regular beer if it’s not tasty? That must have been the problem Drynks Unlimited were tackling with this because honestly, nail on the head. Well impressed.

So… Non-beer? I’ve enjoyed this thoroughly and strongly recommend grabbing one if you plan a chill night out.

I’d rate this 3 citrusybois out of 5


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