Tea Party, Cream Ale with Green Tea (Mikkeller / Flying Couch Brewing)

I’ll be honest right off the bat here, I’m excited for this. Ever since I had an earl grey tea infused pale ale, I’ve been keen on tea style brews.

Today good people, we have the Tea Party Cream Ale with Green Tea which is a collab between Mikkeller and Flying Couch Brewing. This 330mlboi clocks in at 6.5% ABV. I eagerly crack the can and fill the glass to reveal a hazy amber tint with a light white head.

On the nose, there’s a sour note there which is quite interesting and there’s a distinct green tea aroma popping out from the glass there as well. I’m keen to taste this so let’s get lashed right in.

On the tongue, there’s a light carbonation to this and a light enough body as well which is to be expected when being given the ‘green tea’ label. There’s a sweetness to this and a real smoothness as well so it’s fairly session-able.

Although, I’m not really getting the whole green tea flavouring off this, I mean it’s there but it’s not invasive or anything like that. It’s sort of like a vanilla green tea where it’s got a little hint of it but doesn’t want to fully commit.

All in all, it’s grand but unfortunately just hits off the mark for me. I’d have appreciated more of the green tea flavouring to shine through but if you like cream ales of this sort, check it out!

I’d give this 3.2 greenbois out of 5



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