Easy Shift (Fierce Brewing)

We’re still being blessed with the sun here so why not grab another delicious can and chill in the yard with a wee book of your choice. That reminds me, I was asked recently what the word ‘wee’ meant and why we say it when referring to things. This took me by surprise, considering the person asking the question was a middle aged Irish person, so I thought they’d know the craic with it. But anyway, I just explained that it’s just a term of endearment really, a sort of lingual mannerism. You might be in a shop and the cashier says ‘just put your wee card in there, it’s just asking for your wee pin, would you like a wee bag?’ etc, it’s just a nice wee way of saying things, so it is.

So anyway, beer? Today’s can is Easy Shift session pale ale by Fierce brewing, clocking in at a reasonable 4.5% abv and 20IBU. I’ve rambled enough so I go ahead and crack the tin. From the get go, I notice that it’s smooth and easily drank, it’s not really too heavy on the hops and I’d imagine it’d be perfectly sessionable. The mod style sloth on the can’s label is appropriate cos this is a beer that just does things at its own pace, it’s on a journey and you can go along if you like, it doesn’t really matter sunshine, it’s going there anyway regardless of who’s in tow.

With the second sip, I sink back in the chair and bask in the warm golden rays of the evening, with the sounds of the lo-fi electro beat playlist filling my earlobes. The taste is citrusy, it’s fruity, incredibly smooth and I’m enjoying every second of it. The can ends and I found it really refreshing, it’s a more watery session ale and you feel more hydrated after it. Cans Across The World recommend still drinking water to stay hydrated but if you were stuck, this would come in a close second.

How would I rate it? I’d give this a 3.6 slowbois out of 5




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