Our Mission Statement

CATW is our journey in palate development and beer discovery. Our aim is to report on beers of all walks, in real terms. We aim to take the snobbery out of beer reviewing, to champion small brewers and promote the community of beer lovers.

We are fanatical about beer. We want other people to be as passionate about beer as we are. We see brewing as a noble tradition and a cultural institution. We are passionate about the craft of the craft itself and hope to highlight breweries of note.

We believe in fun. We aim to foster an environment where people are free to talk about what they like and don’t like without the fear of ridicule. Beer is a subjective experience.

We aim to disrupt and disrobe the gatekeepers of craft beer. The snobs. Beer belongs to everyone.

We believe in this mission and are unashamedly nerds for what we do, but most importantly – we care about the community we are building.


…….and no Communism