Meet The Team

CATW has been going since January 2019. We’re a non-profit blog and podcast who rely on the kindness of strangers (and beer professionals!) to help us do what we love. These are the people who make CATW happen :


Stu is a nerd, writer and musician. For a number of years he was the frontman for world renowned Belfast-based rock outfit ‘Dynamo’ who represented Ireland at the Envol Et Macadam festival in Quebec, Canada. He composes and DJ’s under the name Project Phoenix.

As a fan of travel he lived and worked in New Zealand, journeyed to Australia, Bali and the Philippines. Despite all of this – his body resides at home in Northern Ireland but his heart remains in Orlando theme parks.

His contributor writing credits include,, and among others. He has been featured in printed publications such as CultureCult and Lakes Weekly Bulletin for both creative writing and editorial pieces.

“There’s far too much snobbery surrounding craft. Good beer should be accessible to everyone”

Stu is a complete convert when it comes to craft beer. “Beer for me used to be whatever was cheap and could be drank 12 at a time”

You can check out Stu’s nerd blog over at CrazyDiscoStu.Wordpress.Com where he reviews movies, television, gaming and tech.


instagram: @badlyseanboy

Seán is a music, travel, food, beer & craic enthusiast based in Belfast.

With a wealth of knowledge built up over the years working within the live events & hospitality sectors, he is no stranger to fast paced and ever changing environments within the industry.

It’s this past experience that makes him a key member of the Cans Across The World (CATW) team.

“I started CATW with Stu to review the beers we love and show our appreciation to the artists who create them. They’re not just brewers – they’re artists!
This grew from simply being a blog into a weekly comedy podcast and it’s fantastic to be part of.

Over our time creating content together, we’ve not strayed from our original goal – which is to talk about beer using real terms: no gimmicks, no gatekeeping or snobbery.

Let’s make this craft world accessible to everyone.” beer blog and podcast