Coffee & Hazelnut Stout (Garden Brewery)

Coffee & Hazelnut Stout (Garden Brewery)

Happy New Year! Hope 2023 treats you all well. December was crazy busy and being that I work in hospitality so reviews & podcasts were put on the back burner but now in the quieter months, there’s loads of time now so let’s get into it!

The first beer I’ll be checking out for a review here is the Coffee & Hazelnut stout by The Garden Brewery.

It’s a brew that clocks in at 5.8% ABV and comes in a tidy looking 330ml can.

I’ve cracked the can, poured it into the tasting glass to reveal an almost black brew with a light brown head that seemed to hold up all the way down the glass as I drank it – good lacing on this one!

On the nose, there’s a definite nutty sweetness with some caramel, malts and coffee poking through.

With the tastebuds intrigued, I headed in for the first sip which brought all the touted coffee and hazelnut flavours, think Ferrero Rocher in flavour but like a melted down, medium to light body Ferrero Rocher with a light carbonation to it.

I really enjoyed this brew, another solid can from The Garden Brewery and can’t wait to check out more from them.

I’d rate this 3.8 nuttybois out of 5



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