Ambush Pale Ale (Trouble Brewing)

Ambush by Trouble Brewing

Hey hey!

In the words of that Staind song… It’s been a while (since I wrote a review). So here goes.

Upfront, as you can see in the image, I didn’t have this beer in a can. So this is technically pints across the road I guess!

The very excellent Reporter Bar in Belfast had this beer pouring on draft and I couldn’t resist having a taste.

If you haven’t been, The Reporter is this little bar in Union Street, a stones throw away from The Sunflower bar and down the road from The Deer’s Head. It’s like a little triangle of craft beers!

Well anyway, check out The Reporter bar if you’re out and about in the city. They’ve got a rotating can fridge and rotating guest beers on draft. Bullhouse seem to be a have a permanent tap in there and I also had the Road Trippin’ during my wee stint there. The staff are sound, it’s a cracking pub that seems to attract friendly people and they have an absolute belter of a pub quiz on a Tuesday night. Highly recommend.

So… Beer? After all that, let’s talk about the main event here. I had the Ambush pale ale by Trouble Brewing, the absolutely solid brewery from Co. Kildare.

This beer clocks in at a very groovy 5% ABV and as seen, is in a TB branded pint glass. Little side thought actually, on the subject of branded pint glasses. As most of you know, I work in a brewpub myself and I know how crappy it is if these glasses get nicked so don’t do it! They look lovely but they’re supplied in limited numbers. So, if you’d like to keep getting the right glassware for the right beer, just make sure the bar gets it back.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

On the nose, there’s a big big hit of hops and citrus aromas present. Not just citrus but a bit of peach in there too, there’s a gorgeous array of summery fruits in the nose with some grass/straw notes for good measure.

The taste brings the same notes from the nose but with more toasted malts, a light biscuity flavour and a hint of melon in there as well.

The carbonation on this is moderate and I’d say the body is medium to light, it’s incredibly juicy and moreish. Normally, when beers are this tasty, you need to remember to pace yourself so you don’t end up just tanking the thing.

The head retention on this pint is pure class as well and as you go down the glass, you will notice a nice cling which is the sign of a good, quality beer. And also, that the glassware itself is properly clean! Solid game played by both brewery and bar here.

To sum up, Ambush pale ale by Trouble Brewing is a fantastic tipple, boasting big fruity notes with a juicy mouthfeel that is both thirst quenching and a pure delight to drink in these warmer days.

I’d rate this 3.9 Troubleybois out of 5



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