Wee Honey Honeycomb Imperial Stout (Mourne Mountains)

At the weekend, I popped into Northern Lights on Ormeau Road, Belfast for a few lovely pints which Galway Bay’s Belfast flagship were happy to provide!

After enjoying a pint of their Full Sail IPA, I fancied something in the way of a stout so asked for the 200 Fathoms which unfortunately wasn’t in stock. But the staff very kindly pointed me in the direction of this offering from Mourne Mountains brewery.

This is the Wee Honey Honeycomb Imperial Stout from Mourne Mountains which clocks in at 9% ABV and comes in a 440ml can.

In their own words:

‘Wee Honey is decadent and moreish… it’s also a HVS 5a climb on Ben Crom in the Mourne Mountains.’

As I pour it into the glass, it settles into that traditional black stout colour we all know and love with a generous golden caramel head that lingered until the very end of the can – great staying power!

On the nose, there’s a big hit of sweetness and the touted honeycomb notes rise to greet you straight off the bat.

The taste is honeycomb sweetness but there’s a bit of caramel and a bit of nuttiness in the flavouring too. Oh – And a bit of roast chocolate thrown in for good measure.

The body on this is fantastic, it’s smooth enough to not be overpowering but there’s a lot going on in the flavour to keep you interested.

I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend you grab a can ASAP or hit up one of the Mourne Mountains taproom events.

Also, massive thanks to Northern Lights for the great service and range, we had a class time during our visit.

I’d rate this beer 4.2 Honeybois out of 5



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