Citrus Maxima Pale Ale (Arbor)

Citrus Maxima By Arbor Brewing

Today, we’re checking out the Citrus Maxima Pale Ale from the Bristol based Arbor brewery.

This beer clocks in at 4% and comes in a rather generous 568ml can which is a full pint as you know.

We love a pint can. I mean, if you’re going to make a 440ml can, you might as well head on up to the 568ml and make it a pint. It’s too frustrating pouring a beer and stopping short of filling the pint glass but anyway, this isn’t OCD across the world.

So… Beer? I crack the can and pour it into the tasting glass. It’s a hazy amber colour with a little white head and has the appearance of a NEIPA with its delicious looking murky honey tint.

On the nose, you’re hit with the touted citrus notes like lime, lemon and a hint of orange peel. There’s a fresh hoppy aroma and it’s quite an inviting one.

The taste brings more of the same with hints of berries present and there’s a crisp, sharp quality to the flavours. The carbonation is moderate and it’s medium to light bodied.

All in all, it’s a beer that does exactly what it says on the tin, isn’t challenging and is just all round pleasant. I’ve enjoyed this – Arbor brings the goods once again!

I’d rate this 3.8 Arborybois out of 5



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