West Bay Citra Pale Ale (Lacada)

‘West Bay, Portrush is sheltered by Ramore Head and the Black Rocks. On summer evenings you can watch the sun set over misty Inishowen in a blaze of colour.’

Today, we’re checking out the West Bay Citra Pale Ale by Lacada brewery.

This 4.6% ABV brew comes in a 440ml can but you can also find it on draft in a few bars dotted around.

The can is lashed open and I fire it into my tasting glass with all the haste of a thisty person gasping for a brew.

The colour on this one is quite a hazy amber gold with a decent white head that hangs out and doesn’t just give up the ghost as soon as you set the glass down.

On the nose, there’s a fair whack of malts with the touted citra blasting through. There’s lemon, a bit of lime and a hint of orange peel in there with a dash of mango for good measure!

The taste brings more of the same with the citrus flavours winning the day here. There’s a nice light carbonation to this and a medium to light body that makes it a really refreshing sipper.

The little hit of bitterness in the after taste makes it a very moreish beer and I already can’t wait to have another – thankfully my local has this on draft so will be taking full advantage of that sometime in the week.

I’d give this 4.1 Westybois out of 5


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