Happy Friday one and all! You’re probably counting down the minutes til the weekend and thinking of where you could go for a lovely pint. Here’s Part 1 in a series of Three Lovely Pints in Belfast…

Elephant West Coast IPA by Bell’s Brewery at The Deer’s Head, Belfast

The Deer’s Head on Lower Garfield street is open on Wednesday 28th July from 3pm. We were lucky enough to nip in for a sample of the brews and holy moley… They’re all fantastic, simply put.

The Deer’s Head has the honour of being Belfast’s only brew pub where beer is brewed on site. So, you couldn’t ask for a fresher pint as you can see the full journey the beer embarks upon through the window. Gaze upon the brew room where the brewing equipment lives and draw your eyes over to the beer taps where your pint will be poured from, that’s the entire journey!

Pictured is the Elephant West Coast IPA (Elephant being lovingly named after a pub in the area dating back to the 1800s). The IPA pours a lovely deep amber haze with a white head.

On the nose, there’s floral and citrus notes present here that really get the tastebuds excited and the mouth watering.

The taste brings more of the same with a medium to light body and a softish carbonation. It’s a super refreshing brew and it has to be said that this cold pint was more than welcome on this scorcher of a day!

That’s 1 brew down with 5 more in house beers left to check out. Make sure you pop down to The Deer’s Head from 28th July to sample their fantastic range.

And also you have the most extensive whiskey and gin list in the city centre, with great cocktails too!

I’d rate this beer 3.8 Dumbos out of 5

Beamish stout at The Sunflower pub, Belfast

The Sunflower Pub can’t get any bett… Oh wait… It just did.

Not only was The Sunflower dog friendly, has great wood fired pizza from Boxing Hare in a fantastic beer garden, really lovely staff and everything else but ontop of all this, they’ve just added Beamish stout on draft.

As you can see from the photo, my dog is a huge fan so I had to oblige and head down so he could enjoy the creamy stout from Cork.

So… The main question I’ve been asked since posting about having the pint of Beamish on socials was ‘is it better than that other stout from Dublin?’

Um… You know what, I don’t really have a solid answer. That’s like comparing Terminator to Terminator 2, both are incredible but they’re better than the other in their own way.

But what I will say is that I found the pint of Beamish wholly refreshing and surprisingly light to drink. On hot days like these, stouts can be a bit heavy but I was able to enjoy this no bother at all.

So anyway, get down to Sunflower pub, go in hungry and thirsty, come out totally satisfied.

I’d give this 3.7 beamybois out 5

Grolsch premium pilsner at The American Bar, Belfast

For this pint, I ventured out to the American Bar in Sailortown, Belfast whilst on a cycle and met some pals too. Shoutout Violin Mick (String Ninjas, Darren Matthews, Dee and all).

Honestly, this is another pub you absolutely NEED to get to, it’s the same sort of welcome vibe you get in the Sunflower but just in a different area. I had to get the Grolsch on tap there as my dad is a massive fan of the Grolsch bottles so I felt it was a no brainer to grab a pint!

Grolsch is a fantastic pilsner lager with malt and floral flavours. There’s a slight bitterness to the brew as well which makes it totally refreshing. And without sounding like a broken record, it’s warm, you absolutely need cold pints.

I’d rate this 3.4 Pilsybois out of 5

So there you have it, 3 LOVELY pints to have in Belfast.

This is only PART 1 and we’ll be back with PART 2 soon.

Remember, drink fresh and support your local pubs!



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