Grapefruit Peelers IPA (Bullhouse Brewery)

The name of this can just had me laughing from the get go, it reminded me of that VIDEO of the ‘Yeeeoooo! Up the Peelers!’ fella from a while back.

This is the Grapefruit Peelers Grapefruit IPA by Bullhouse brewery which comes in a 440ml can and clocks in at 6.4% ABV.

If you’d like to order some, check out The Crafty Vintner on Lisburn Road. They have stock and a great Web Site to order from which you can visit HERE. They offer click & collect or home delivery!

So… Beer? I crack the can and notice the notes of grapefruit straight away with a strong whack of hops and citrus fruits shining through.

The taste is quite sharp with those touted grapefruit flavours and a bit of mango. It’s got a light enough carbonation with a medium body.

There’s a bit of tart and dankness here which makes for an interesting sipper.

It’s a brew that’s a bit out there and I love that about it. Well worth checking out if grapefruit IPAs are your thing!

I’d give this 3.3 peelybois out of 5



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