Berliner Pilsner (Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss-Brauerei)

Howdy! We’re back with another beer review after a brief stint away to do adulty life things.

But no time like the present to check out a beer with a rich HISTORY, eh?

This is the Berliner Pilsner which is 5% ABV, has an IBU of 30 and it comes in a 330ml can.

I poured the brew into the tasting glass to reveal a clean yellow liquid with a generous white head.

The nose here has malts like cereal and I hate to say it like this but there’s a straw smell that reminds me of sunny days in the fields back home.

The taste here is more of the same with a nice burst of citrus fruits, a bit of spice and rounded out with a slight bitter taste at the end with hints of sweet tart as well.

It’s light in body and has quite a low carbonation, making it a great sipper for this absolute scorcher of a day.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this and can see why it has been a German favourite for over 100 years.

This is a beer that turns up on the day, does its job and doesn’t want any thanks for it. The smile on your face is more than enough!

I’d give this 3.6 Bearybois out of 5


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