9 Rubies Raspberry IPA (Lacada)

Happy Wednesday! Today, we’re checking out the 9 Rubies Raspberry IPA by Lacada Brewery.

There’s a really cool little story behind the salamander on the Lacada brewery logo too.

‘9 Rubies were set into the golden salamander that was retrieved from the Girona. 3 rubies remain & the jewel is now held at the Ulster Museum.’

La Girona was a galley ship of the Spanish armada which sank at Lacada Point near the Giant’s Causeway in October 1588.

Most of the crew of over 1400 died and the treasure was only recovered about 60 years ago by a team of divers. Pretty cool eh?

So… Beer? The brew itself clocks in at 5.5% ABV and comes in a 500ml bottle.

Upon pouring, you’d be convinced you’ve just poured yourself a delicious fruit smoothie. It’s quite a thick looking pink colour with no head and some visible carbonation bubbles.

On the nose, you get the touted Raspberry notes with malts and a sweet creamy quality to it.

The taste is fruity berries with a playful, hoppy sweetness to them and despite how thick it looks, it drinks really smoothly and you get that IPA style from the brew.

There’s a light carbonation and medium body to this which makes it totally sessionable, I’ve had a great time drinking this and it’s another beer I’ve really enjoyed from the Lacada team.

I’d give this 4 rubies out of 5



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