Coffee Table Beer (Bullhouse X Process Coffee)

It’s no secret that we here at love BEER but we also love COFFEE.

What would happen if a local coffee roastery and brewery got together to collab? Well, that question was answered in the form of a can!

This is the Coffee Table Beer by Process Coffee and Bullhouse Brewery. It’s beer No. 53 in the ever-growing Bullhouse beer repertoire, clocks in at 3.5% ABV and comes in a 440ml can.

The tin is lashed open and straight away, you’re hit with that delicious coffee roast aroma with some fruits in there like strawberry, citrus and hints of caramel coming through.

I head in for a sip and notice that it’s really smooth to drink and quite light in carbonation.

I thought this would be heavier for some reason, like it would be more like a porter or stout but it’s not, it’s so refreshing and sort of watery.

There’s a creamy quality to the body here with flavours of roast coffee, honey, caramel and fruits all present in the taste.

If you’ve had a cold brew before, it’s that sort of vibe with the qualities we all know and love of a good session beer. Cold, creamy, refreshing and delicious!

To sum up, I’ve really enjoyed this and it’s another belter of a collab. Highly recommend you check this out!

I’ll give it 3.9 roastybois out of 5


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