Mammoth IPA (Wicklow Wolf)

THE SUN IS BACK! Well for now…
Let’s not jinx it and move on with a beer review eh?

Today, we’re checking out the Mammoth IPA by Wicklow Wolf. This brew comes in a 440ml can and clocks in at 6.2% ABV.

Wicklow Wolf have been pretty consistent in putting out great beers so I’m excited to get into this.

The can is cracked and I head in for a sniff. On the nose, there’s a fresh and clean (so fresh and so clean ahhh) hoppy aroma with fruits coming out. Some grapefruit, orange and a bit of pineapple shining through here.

I’m absolutely parched so head in for a big taster to get us going and wow did we get going. Straight away, you think ‘oh, this is dangerous!’.

The brew feels very light and could be mistaken for a low ABV session beer as it’s so easy to drink. It’s lightly carbonated and has a well balanced mouthfeel to it.

I’m really enjoying this, it’s perfect for a warm sunny day. The notes of fruits like mango, pineapple, orange, grapefruit all do a little dance together and merge nicely with the hint of pine that comes through.

This is another instant winner from Wicklow Wolf – I guess I’m going straight back up to Wine Company on the Ormeau Road to grab another!

I’d rate this 3.8 wolfybois out of 5


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