Lupulus X Citra IPA (Buxton Brewery)

Here we are now, all the cans. Back again for another beer review and today, we’ve grabbed a tin of Lupulus X Citra IPA by Buxton Brewery.

In their words…

LUPULUS X is an experimental single hop program. Every beer has the same recipe, only the hop changes to deliver a distinctive flavour burst. Celebration of the CITRA hop.’

The can art looks cool and really stood out on the shelf for me. It’s a spooky little cavern by the looks of it.

I crack the can, pour it into my tasting glass to reveal a hazy amber with a frothy white head.

The aroma is quite festive I thought, it boasts alot of pine qualities whilst having a nice balance of citrus and fruits at the same time.

I head in for a sip to be greeted by the touted citrus with pineapple, orange peel and a little bit of (slightly) bitter lemon coming through too.

The brew drinks very smoothly with a medium to light body and a proper easy going mouthfeel. The carbonation is light here too so it’s very quaffable.

I’d give this 3.7 spookybois out of 5


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