Green Zebra Gose Style Ale (Founders Brewing)

Howdy! It has been fun the past while, everything is opening up and the weather is getting better. We took full advantage of the better weather by having a little picnic in the park with a little can.

This brew is the Green Zebra Gose Style Ale by Founders Brewing. It comes in a 330ml can and clocks in at 4.6% ABV with an IBU of 10.

I crack the can to head in for a sniff. Straight away, the notes of watermelon, citrus and fruits fly out to greet you. It smells fresh and seems perfect for a hot day, I thought.

The flavours hit you from the first sip here with the watermelon and fruity notes on the forefront.

There’s a little hint of sourness here that isn’t too overpowering and feels nicely balanced with the juiciness of the beer.

I’m digging this brew, it’s totally refreshing, crisp, flavoursome and has a nice mouthfeel.

I’d rate this 3.4 Zebrabois out of 5


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