Dudelsack Toasted Marzen (Bullhouse)

Howdy! Here we are now, steamrolling our way towards summer. Today, we’re checking out the Dudelsack Toasted Marzen by Bullhouse brewery.

This brew clocks in at 6% ABV and comes in a 440ml can.

What’s a Marzen? Glad you asked…

Märzen or Märzenbier (German: March beer) is a lager that originated in Bavaria. It has a medium to full body and may vary in color from pale through amber to dark brown. It is the beer traditionally served at the Munich Oktoberfest.[1]FULL WIKI HERE

Soooo… Beer? It’s poured into the glass to reveal a rich amber colour with a generous white head on top.

On the nose, I’m getting loads of roasted malts with a nice sweetness coming through that smells like caramel.

The flavours here are more of the same sweetness with a medium to light body which makes it really easy to drink. There’s a little smokeyness to this which I’m digging and a grainy sort of edge to it.

I’d rate this a solid 4 out of 5


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