Session Hazy IPA (Hawkshead Brewery)

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break, I know I did.

It was a fantastic time had with friends, family, chocolate and of course, hitting the 500th unique beer milestone on the UnTappd App.

UnTappd is a great social app which allows you to check in, rate, discover and share new beers with your friends.

It’s available to download on your App stores for free right now!

So… Beer? The beer that crossed the 500 mark was the Session Hazy IPA by Hawkshead Brewery.

This brew comes in a 330ml can and clocks in at 4.5% ABV.

The pour is a light amber colour with a frothy white head.

On the nose, there’s a fair burst of hops, citrus and it smells quite fresh.

To taste, it’s got a light to medium body with a light carbonation about it.

There are hints of citrus, pineapple, grapefruit and a pine quality here too.

I tasted a little bitterness in the finish and the flavour lingers until your next sip.

I’d give this 3.6 Hazybois out of 5


Here’s the 500th beer check in badge from UnTappd:

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