Tripel Blond Trappist (Westmalle Brewery)

Oh wow – do we have a little treat today! We love a trappist here on

This is the Tripel Blond Trappist by Westmalle. It’s a beer brewed by monks in Westmalle Trappist abbey.

Shout out to Darren Matthews (comedian/podcaster/provider of sweet brews) for gifting me this – thanks!

The brew clocks in at 9.5% ABV and comes in a 330ml bottle.

The bottle is transferred into the tasting glass to reveal a light straw like colour with a thin white head.

As soon as it hits the glass, you can smell it bursting with flavour already. The sweet aromas of pineapple, candy, banana and more fill the air.

The taste is more of the same and it drinks surprisingly smooth for a 9.5% brew. There’s a delicious flavour of yeast and malts here that are present the whole time with a slightly spicy after taste.

I’d rate this 4.3 Trappybois out of 5


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