Lost Armada West Coast IPA (Lough Gill Brewery)

Happy Wednesday! It looks like we’ll be on the cans for the foreseeable so here’s another CansAcrossTheWorld.com brew review.

This tin is the Lost Armada West Coast IPA from the mighty Lough Gill brewery. It comes in a 440ml can and it’s 5% ABV.

The pour on this one is a gorgeous light amber colour with a generous white head. I can just imagine my big eyes watching this come out of the tap, filling the pint glass.

On the nose, there’s an inviting malt and pine aroma with some tiny hints of fruity goodness coming through.

I head in for a sip, there’s a nicely balanced carbonation there with a medium to light body. Flavours coming through are citrus, bit of grass, some sweetness and a nice bitter finish.

Another belter from Lough Gill? Absolutely. The Lost Armada West Coast IPA is super refreshing and a strong recommendation to have during the sunny weather.

I’m gonna rate this a solid 4 out of 5



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