PRUM – Rum Barrel Aged Plum Porter (Bullhouse X Copeland Rum)

Rum Barrel Aged Porter – Bullhouse X Copeland

Here’s one we’re immediately excited about. We love rum, porter, Bullhouse brewery, Copeland distillery and eh, plums? So, the thought of all this goodness in one can is class.

This is the PRUM – Rum Barrel Aged Plum Porter which is a collab by Bullhouse brewery and Copeland distillery.

The brew comes in a 330ml can and clocks in at an ABV of 6.5%.

I’ve poured it excitedly into the tasting glass to reveal a dark brown, almost black colour with a light brown head.

On the nose, there’s boozy rum and dark fruity notes shining through here. There’s a little bit of grain or pine in the aroma too, like a wood sort of quality to it.

The taste is surprisingly smooth, I thought there’d be an overpowering hit of rum but it blends so nicely. The taste is quite boozy but not too much. It’s medium to full bodied with a nice chocolatey feel to the brew as well.

I’ve enjoyed this and it held up well til the end of the brew, hopefully one day I’ll be able to check this out on draft!

I’d give this 4 Prummybois out of 5


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