IPA (Beer Hut Brewing Co.)

Up until the end of 2020 we didn’t have a core offering from our brewery. We thought we ought to change that. We wanted 3 beers that got straight to the point. 3 beers. Simply named by their style. Session IPA. IPA. Pale Ale.
Beer Hut Brewing on their core range.

You can order some tasty Beer Hut on their WEB STORE HERE

Happy Monday one and all! We’re getting stuck into March, the days are getting brighter and there’s a grand stretch in the aul evenings. So let’s have a look at the fresh & juicy IPA from Beer Hut.

This IPA comes in a 330ml can with an ABV of 5.8% with a boast of ‘Bright & Juicy’ on the front.
Let’s see how we go – The ring is pulled and the bevvy is poured into the trusty tasting glass.

The pour is an orangey hazy brew with a nice white head. On the nose, there’s a clean tropical aroma with loads of citrus, passion fruit, lime and melon flying out of there.

I head in for a sip and get greeted by more of the same fruity flavours with a smooth body and the flavours really hang out to party with you. There’s a light carbonation here so it’s really easy to drink and quite sessionable.

All in all, the boasts on the can hold up. This is bright, juicy and it’s totally refreshing.

I’d give this 4 huts out of 5


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