CATW PODCAST Episode 89 – I Hope This Pale Ale Finds You Well (Evil Twin) [w/ Darren Matthews]

In this episode, Seán is joined by Darren Matthews for a can and a chat. They discuss the latest lockdown banter, some personal stories, Darren’s adventures, the good pub, some beer news and much more.

The beer sampled was the I Hope This Pale Ale Finds You Well by Evil Twin brewing.

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Episode 95 – Alan Mahon (Brewgooder Founder) Cans Across The World

In this episode, Seán speaks with Alan Mahon, the co-founder of Brewgooder. They chat about the story behind Brewgooder, what they are working towards and their future plans. Tune in to find out more and check out Brewgooder.comBrewgooder is a craft beer company who set out to provide clean drinking water to 1million+ people by donating 100% of their profits to clean water
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