Hustler Pale Ale (Larkin’s Brewing Co)

It’s time to rustle some Jimmies with another beer review – Today, it’s the Hustler pale ale by Larkin’s Brewing Co!

The can art is pretty cool which is what it made it stand out on the shelf for me, then I seen it was a Larkin’s brewing Co beer after that so it was straight into the basket with it.

This brew clocks in at a reasonable 4.5% and comes in the form of a 440ml can.
It looks proper appetising when poured into the glass with a lovely hazy orange tint and a small white head.

On the nose, there’s a very fresh, clean fruity scent off this. There’s a lovely aroma of citrus, tropical fruits and hint of mango coming off here too which really gets the tastebuds going.

The taste is more of the same with citrus and grapefruits coming through. It drinks really smoothly and has a low carbonation so you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve grabbed some sort of delicious fruit drink.

It’s nice and hoppy with a full enough body that keeps you tied over until you head back in for the next sip.

As always, Larkins don’t come to play – any brew I’ve had from them so far has been a great experience so here’s to trying many more by Larkins brewing!

I’d give this 3.9 Hustles out of 5


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