Imperial Kirsch Chocolate and Cherry Barrel Aged Stout (Vocation Brewery)

Today’s review spot goes to the Imperial Kirsch Chocolate and Cherry Barrel Aged Stout by Vocation Brewery which comes in a 440ml can and boasts a hefty 11% ABV.

I’ve had a few barrel aged stouts by this stage and if I’m honest, they’ve all been fantastic, I’m loving this style!

Let’s get this poured- It pours an inky black with a little brown foamy head and I can already smell it from the glass.

On the nose, there’s a nice roasted malt, almost coffee like aroma with cherry and chocolate notes coming through.

My tastebuds are doing a dance right now so I decide it’s time for a sip.

The taste here is quite earthy, oaky, chocolatey, cherry and holy smokes, this is fantastic. The feel is quite creamy, thick and there’s a full body here that coats your mouth in all the glory of its flavour.

Considering this is 11%, it drinks very smoothly and you get more flavour than the hint of alcohol off this.

All in all, I had a great time drinking this and I’d happily go back again. It’s a great sipper & all around treat beer.

I’d give this 4 barrelbois out of 5



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