Dream Sequence, Dark Brown Ale (Yeastie Boys)

Today’s brew is the Dream Sequence dark brown ale by Yeastie Boys and it comes in the form of a 330mlboi can. The beer clocks in at a healthy 4.8% ABV and as with all the Yeastie Boys cans, this has great art work too.

I crack the can to pour it into my more than capable and well used tasting glass to reveal its dark colour. The liquid almost looks like a porter with its very dark brown tint and light brown head.

I head in for the snifter test. On the nose, there’s quite a bitter chocolatey aroma to it from the get go, along with roasted coffee malts and even some fruits, orange I’m gonna say!

Is this a liquid Terry’s chocolate orange? Hopefully!

On I go for the first sip and right away, you’re hit with a wash of that fine roasted flavour with the malts, coffee, chocolate and yeah… Even a hint orange shining through in amongst the fray as well. Not quite a Terry’s but this has a lovely chocolate orange quality to it.

There’s a light carbonation to this and it’s very smooth as well, so it’s easy enough to drink but does get a bit rich in flavour after a while as it builds. But that’s not a totally bad thing, it just means that drinking 2 of these in one evening might be a bit much.

Overall? I’ve enjoyed this and I’d have it again at some point but just not any time soon. If I had to put this in order of all the beers I’ve enjoyed from Yeastie Boys, this would probably be back of the queue for me as they’ve got some absolute crackers in their line-up but this one just hit a wee bit off the mark for me.

I’d give this 3 Dreambois out of 5


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