Oats of Disobedience Oatmeal Stout (Mikkeller)

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday! That mean’s it’s time for another brew review.

On this fine day, we’re having an oatmeal stout from the good people at Mikkeller brewing and the People Like Us brewing project (read all about them at https://peoplelikeus.dk/)

This one is called Oats of Disobedience, comes in the form of a 330mlboi tin and clocks in at 5.3% ABV. As you no doubt already know from this blog and the podcast, I’m a massive fan of stouts. There’s something about the body, texture and flavour of a good stout that just does wonders for the mind, body and soul.

But enough of that, how about we crack this thing? Aye.

I crack the tin and pour it into my little tasting glass. I try to pour the stout as I normally would, glass slightly tilted, pour a little bit in, let it settle and then come back after a minute or 2 to top the rest of it off. You know, show it a bit of love and care!

It has poured a solid black colour with a caramel like tan head. I head in for the snifter test and on the nose, I’m getting sweet roasted malts, oats, a hint of coffee in there and also dark chocolate scenes coming out.

After sniffing like a fiend on the spaniard’s dandruff, I head in for a sip. Straight away, I’m greeted by that familiar stout smoothness with a burst of flavours. There’s toffee, chocolate, roasted coffee malts and a real earthy quality to it as well.

There’s a homely flavour to this which makes it both nostalgic and heartwarming in feel. I could imagine sitting with a pint of this stuff on draft, down in my local back home with the roaring, the feet up on the stool opposite and I’m doing a crossword in the paper, with the option of firing 5 coins into the fruits machine if I wished. Fantastic.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this tipple and as mentioned above there, I’d love to try this on draft, it’d be even better if poured straight from the keg I think.

I’d give this 3.4 oateybois out of 5



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