Festbier Lager (ABK Brewery)

We did it – we made it through #DryJanuary and we’re now into FEBREWARY!

Today’s review spot goes to ABK brewery with the Festbier It comes in a 330ml bottle and clocks in at a healthy 6% ABV.

It was actually gifted to me by Darren Matthews, comedian and fellow podcaster. Which is a funny way of saying, we were on the sesh and he gave me a tasty bottle. Thank you!

The bottle itself lets us know that the brewery has been at this since 1308 which is pretty incredible. So, you already know that this brew is steeped in tradition and the old German style brewing techniques. You can read a bit more about that history HERE.

The bottle is eagerly lashed open as you would the wrapper of a present and I head in for the sniffter test.

On the nose, there’s a healthy whack of malt coming out and the traditional german beer smell coming out, almost as if it’s a wheat beer but not as strong smelling.

I have a sip and straight away, I notice the full body and the full flavour, this is tasty stuff and it transports me back to a German beer hall where there’s a roaring fire and a currywurst sitting infront of me ready to be munched down.

At the start, the taste was a bit strong and malty but as you ease into it, the flavours are more easy going and give way to a biscuity cereal kind of taste that’s really quite pleasant. The carbonation is light so it’s easily drank and after that initial strong flavour, it’s a fantastic sipper that’s very moreish.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this and I’d happily have it again. Hopefully the next time is in a stein from a draught keg!

I’d give this 3.2 festybois out of 5


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