#DryJanuary : Tannen Zäpfle 0% Pils (Rothaus Brewery)

Congratulations – we’re almost finished with #DryJanuary but fear not! We’ve enjoyed reviewing these alternatives to alcoholic beers so you’ll be able to find reviews on CansAcrossTheWorld.com here and there when we try new brews as the quality of non-alcoholic brews has come a long way in the past few years. There’s so many to choose from and we’ll continue to cover them!

The final #DryJanuary review spot goes to Tannen Zäpfle 0% Pils by Rothaus Brewery which comes in a 330ml bottle and has that fantastic looking bottle branding from Rothaus that I’ve come to love.

The bottle is de-capped and I pour the contents into my tasting glass. The look is straw coloured with a thin white head and I notice the steady carbonation inside the glass after the pour which is fairly standard of a German beer.

On the nose, it smells quite hoppy and malty with that classic German beer smell. There’s a clean, fresh lemony aroma to this as well and my mouth is absolutely watering at the fruity notes.

To taste, the flavour is actually quite full and you’re hit with a hoppy, malty body that reminds me of a pale ale. There’s a bitter lemon after taste to this which isn’t overpowering and that flavour stays with you until the next sip.

The brew is well balanced on all fronts with no flavour stealing the limelight here. You’ve got a little biscuity quality to it with a lemongrass hint coming through as well.

Overall, I found this brew very refreshing and a great alternative to its alcoholic cousin.

I’d give this 3.1 pillybois out of 5



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