#DryJanuary : Uptown Lager Alcohol Free (Big Drop Brewing Co.)

Happy Monday! We’re back with another #DryJanuary review to showcase the ever growing booze free alternatives you can enjoy if you’re off the booze for a bit.

Today, we’ve got another brew from Big Drop brewing co. As you may remember, we did a review of one of their range before, back in November. You can check that review out at the link below: #NoCraicNovember : Off Piste Alcohol Free Hazelnut Porter (Big Drop Brewing Co.)

This brew is the alcohol free Uptown Craft Lager and comes in a 330ml can. As with most of these types of beers, it has a really low level of alcohol at an ABV of 0.5% and this brew has an IBU of 16.

I pour the can to reveal an amber colour with a thin white head. On the nose, it smells a little sweet with a traditional lager aroma.

The taste here is quite sweet, there’s a caramel and biscuity flavour to this with light malt coming through. The aftertaste is a little bitter and the flavour doesn’t really linger too much before giving way to the juicy watery taste.

Overall, I preferred the Off Piste Hazelnut Porter from Big Drop as that was more flavoursome but as an alternative to alcohol, I’d happily have the Uptown Craft Lager again.

I’d give this 2.4 Uptownbois out of 5



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