[SPOTLIGHT] #DryJanuary : Freestar Prime Time 0% Beer

Howdy! The good people of Freestar beer were kind enough to send CansAcrossTheWorld.com a care package of 0% Alcohol Free beer to check out during #DryJanuary. Thanks Freestar!

In their own words: “This is Prime Time – The first beer ever created without using any yeast or producing any alcohol. The result is a super sustainable and 100% alcohol free beer that tastes * … In our not so humble opinion. Cheers, Charlie, Eddy and Felix.”

First impressions? The package looks fantastic from the outer box, right down to the little booklet that tells you all about Freestar themselves and if I’m honest, the whole package screams PRIDE.

Freestar pride themselves on being better for the planet and they hit you with the facts to back up this claim as well. They produce 90% less CO2, use 80% less energy, 80% less water and produce 70% less waste when compared to other beer production methods.

Before we’ve even cracked a beer for tasting, we’re absolutely sold, this brewery sounds fantastic.

Head to FREESTAR.CO for more, follow them on instagram @freestar & twitter @freestardrinks

Check out the video below for our unboxing and below that, what we thought about the BEER

Here’s what’s in the box – what a neat package!

Now that we’ve checked out the video and got settled, how lovely is that package?

So… Beer? The beer is called Freestar ‘Prime Time’ 0% beer and it’s an IPA style lager. The cans and bottles they’ve sent come in the 330ml form.

This beer is 0% ABV, vegan, gluten free, 62 calories and is a proud holder of a world beer award.

LOOK: I’ve poured it into my tasting glass to reveal that classic amber colour with a generous white head which is very promising as there’s a bit of cling to the top of the glass too.

NOSE: there’s a hoppy aroma with floral and citrusy notes shining through on top of that.

TASTE: I notice how fresh and clean it is (insert OutKast reference). There’s a pleasant light carbonation here and the flavours hold up really well.

The bright flavours coming through here are citrus, a hint of lemon and it’s quite pleasant overall.

There’s a crisp maltiness to this and a slightly bitter finish that I really enjoyed.

Overall? This doesn’t really taste like a standard beer and I like that about it. This isn’t just an alternative to alcoholic beer, this is its own thing and Freestar haven’t just executed non-alcoholic beer production here, I believe they have elevated the process instead.

If you’re looking for a 0% beer that’s full of flavour and a great sipper, check out Freestar!

Rating: I’d give this 3.2 Primeybois out of 5





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